Management Policies

Kyouei Kouzai Co., Ltd is a treatment and sales manufacturer for steel, the embodiment of "energy".

Our steel products are primarily used for automotive applications. Our products are the materials for parts related to safety of people and so it goes without saying, quality control must be thorough.

Since automotive parts are a major application of our products, large volumes are necessary. It is extremely important for us to maintain quality even as we increase production capacity.

In automobile related industries, there is a major reformation on a global scale taking place.
As we face intense competition we need to win the confidence of our customers, understanding their needs as soon as possible and responding with recommendations for optimal materials in order to treat and deliver the necessary products. That means, even when problems arise, we must make every effort to make it right as soon as possible.

Continuing in this will cause corporate profits to arise.

For this purpose, all employees set goals as a team and work together towards their achievement.
As we take each step firmly forwards to consider issues of what is missing and what is needed without holding back, together we cultivate the corporate strength our customers depend on.

In particular, all employees should recognize the major changes that face us to seek higher heights as we take action.

Basic Policies

  1. We value quality and productivity, as we work to create products that satisfy our customers.
  2. We comply with all requirements of laws and ordinances related to quality, environment and workplace health and safety.
  3. We reduce our energy burden, promote reduction of industrial waste and recycling and seek to prevent pollution, prevent workplace accidents and create a pleasant work environment.
  4. Through the ongoing improvement of our quality, environment and occupational health and safety management systems, we are aware of the importance of the ongoing daily lives of all employees.
  5. We work towards sorting, setting in order, shining, standardizing and safety to contribute to our workplace and society.
  6. We establish a framework for setting quality targets.

September 2, 2019
Representative Director Hideyuki Matsumoto